Friday, March 25, 2011

Honk Honk. R U Comfortable?

A paradox: We’re here in Earth School for growth and learning, yet we humans are designed to seek comfort. But being comfortable doesn’t tend to lead to growth -- it’s discomfort that tends to be our best teacher.

Here’s an example. I meditate in the morning, to quiet myself, focus in my heart, and connect with God. (Please watch for my forthcoming CD, Heart Meditations, about this wonderful inner work.) After a while I get a nice, warm, rosy glow, and feel very comfortable indeed!

In the process of doing my meditation I very often ask God to help me let go of anything within me that’s stands between me and God. With that stuff out of the way, I would surely be even more comfortable, right?

Then I begin my day. Life bumps into me, I get challenged, and the very kinds of stuff I asked God to help me release seems to come up. For example, impatience. I’m driving to a meeting, and someone in front of me is driving too slowly. What if I’m late? Why is this person driving so slowly? How can I get around them? When will the light change?*

As my impatience comes up, that rosy glow I accumulated in my meditation is fading, making me feel less and less comfortable. Plus, here I am a so called “spiritual” person, getting all upset. I'm uncomfortable, and a little ashamed too, so now I'm even more uncomfortable!

That’s where seeking comfort helps me with my spiritual growth. If I can be aware of the uncomfortable impatience that’s coming up, I can make a conscious choice to let some of it go. There’s my growth and learning, made possible by my innate human tendency to seek comfort.

My lesson is also brought to me by Creation’s uncanny ability to mirror back to me anything within me that’s in the way of my spiritual heart. The only determining factor on how fast I’ll learn is:
  1. Am I choosing to paying attention?
  2. Am I willing to let go?
This comes back to an important point about meditation. Meditation is great for helping us go deeper into our heart, connect with God and our Higher Self, and get all spiritual. It gives us a reference point for what’s possible, and a taste of our potential. BUT, the real growth happens back out in the world, when we’re challenged. That’s when we move forward on our path, on a moment to moment basis, based on our choice to be aware, and our willingness to let go.

I hope you're comfortable with what I'm saying here!  

*If you have trouble driving peacefully, as I sometimes do, check out my newest course, Car Peace: Make Your Car A Stress-Free Sanctuary.

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  1. This is a timely piece for me. Today was a difficult day and I struggled with my reactions to it all day. How will I let this day affect me? How will I go about letting go of these things that are bothering me?

    "My lesson is also brought to me by Creation’s uncanny ability to mirror back to me anything within me that’s in the way of my spiritual heart." This passage especially spoke to me. I will re-read this post a few times, thanks for posting it. Carla

  2. Thank you, Carla, for letting me know that we are "on the same page". I appreciate it very much. For letting go, you may have already found that sometimes breathing deeply can help. It's the least expensive way to process.