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White Chestnut & the Bach Flower Remedies

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Speaking about drugs, medication, and other ways of avoiding pain and/or coping with life (see last post), there is a class of “meds” that aren’t really meds, that every spiritual seeker should know about. They’re the Back Flower Remedies (BRF), and I’ve been employing them off and on for about 40 years.

Developed by an English physician Edward Bach, the BFR are 38 tinctures that are vibrational in nature. Most of them are sourced from flower blossoms, but similar to homeopathic remedies, there is virtually no herbal content ingested. When you take Bach Remedies, you’re basically just applying a vibration to your energetic field!

So, if it’s just a vibration, how well can it really work? Incredibly well, as it turns out, assuming you have one of the 38 specific conditions that the remedies address. (If you don’t have the condition that the remedy you’re taking is for, it won’t do a thing. It’s not a “drug” per se, and there are no side effects.)

I often give the example of the remedy, White Chestnut, which is for “persistent unwanted thoughts...”*. If you’ve ever had a conversation going round and round in your head, and couldn’t seem to get it to stop, you would appreciate White Chestnut. It’s especially helpful when you’re trying to get to sleep. When I happen to get stuck in one of those loops, and take White Chestnut, it seems to work so well I almost forget why I took it. It doesn’t make you groggy or high or alter your consciousness in any way, other than causing the hamster wheel in your head to stop spinning. It’s pretty amazing.

Going back to the topic of my previous post, is taking the BFR an avoidance of processing feelings I should be facing head on? No, because I’m aware of what I’m feeling, and am already working with it. The BFR just help me handle the effects within my system of what I’m already processing. I use them as I would take an aspirin for a headache, or go to a surgeon for an appendectomy. We’re here on Earth to learn, not to suffer. So when I can, I’ll make myself a bit more comfortable, so that when my stuff comes up, as it most certainly will, I’m ready to deal with it. It’s all a matter of finding a balance. BFR helps with that.

That’s why I like Bach Flower Remedies. I’ll write more about them soon.

*Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies, Philip M. Chancellor, CW Daniel Company, publisher.

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  1. Thanks for the new blog. It's looking good! I enjoyed all the posts; this one in particular gave me just the info I needed today for myself and to assist another.
    I look forward to the postings to come!
    (BTW, which remedy do I use for rejection issues?? Inside joke, folks! )

  2. Thank you, Della. It's interesting that the 38 Bach remedies cover only 38 rather specific conditions. I know that there are a number of other flower essence sets that supposedly cover various other things, but I only have experience with the Bach Flowers. The rejection humerous but not really question is one that might be addressed by certain other Bach flowers. For example, if someone gets rejected over and over, and doesn't learn from the experience, there's a remedy for that.